Sunday, December 1, 2013

December Update

Today marks the last day of A Beard For A Baby and we are so sad to see it come to an end! Many of you know that 2012 was a difficult year for us....but 2013 has brought with it much joy and blessing and ABFAB is a huge part of that! A bajillion thanks to everyone who has participated in and given towards this little fundraiser of ours. We are humbled, overwhelmed and filled with gratitude for all that the Lord has done through you.

We just sent out our final update, which you can read here. Or, for a condensed version, check out the bullets below:

  • In the past 6 months, the Lord has brought in $25,025. We are thrilled to announce that our adoption is now fully funded!!!
  • Bearded Gospel Men gave us and fellow Beard Grower, Philip Hatter, shout outs! To read their posts about us, click here and here. BGM helped us get our start back in May and we were stoked to be highlighted by them at the end of this gig as well. We love you, BGM!
  • We're having a party! Join us as we celebrate the end of ABFAB and Moses' 1st birthday. He will still be in Korea on his birthday but we can think of no better way to honor his life and acknowledge all that the Lord has done in ABFAB than by celebrating with you guys. Details below!

  • Jordan McClinton raised the most funds this past month (and overall!) He wins the prize of his choice and we are oh so thankful for all of his help.
  • For more dirt on who raised what, here is a glimpse at the Beards who raised the most:
DJ Hofmann (who doesn't really count since it's his fundraiser and all, but it's still fun to say how much his beard is worth): $8386.33

Jordan McClinton: $1462.70 

Luke Damoff: $1204.95

Matt Tonne: $969.12

Sean Bryant: $942.34

Luke Baublet: $781.06

Tim McKnight: $769.50

Michael Head: $712.80

Lee Bertram: $649.14

Justin Wendorf: $618.92

Asher Pirtle: $603.33

(Of course, we are beyond grateful for every single Beard Grower, no matter how much was raised. We receive every donation, no matter how big or small, as the Lord's provision and thank each and every one of our guys for all that they did to help us fund our adoption!)

That's all for now! 
Much love,
the Hofs

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Beards Of The Week | Casey Beaver and Phillip Bleecker

Hey, hey! It's Wednesday! This week's Beards are Casey Beaver and Phillip Bleecker. Read below to meet & love them, and consider supporting one of their beards in this final week of ABFAB!

DJ and I used to work with Casey and really like him a lot. He is a great guy: super genuine, kind, respectful and a way that stands out above most. He is always eager to help in whatever ways he can and has such a servant's heart for the Lord. So, we were of course thrilled when we saw him sign up to be a Beard Grower! What a joy it has been to have him be a part of our journey in bringing Moses home.

This has been an exciting year for Casey, and I'm talking about more than just being a Beard Grower. He and his wife, Cheyenne, just had their first baby, Zoey, and she is just a doll. She's a cute baby and an ABFAB mustache model all in one. See?

As you can see, he has one heck of a beard and it's still growing strong. Don't let it be in vain! You can support his beard here and help bring Moses home all in the click of a button. Go do it now... you will make Casey's heart (and ours) oh so happy.

Phillip Bleecker just joined our team in October, but we have loved having him on board beard. He and his wife, Carissa, are especially near and dear to our hearts in that they too are in the midst of their own adoption journey. We have continued to feel so humbled and loved by all the men on our team who are fundraising for their own endeavors and yet are also willing to partner with us in ours.

In fact, Phillip and Carissa have their own adoption fundraiser going on right now and it's one of the more creative ones I've seen out there. For just $30 a month, you can join their Pie Of The Month Club where you get a pie and the proceeds go right into their Baby Bleecker fund. We just signed up and received our first pie a few days ago! Triple Chocolate Pecan Pie. With homemade brandy whipped cream. It was no joke ya'll. To say that it was delish just doesn't quite do it justice. All that to say, you should get in on the club. You won't regret it. Do it now!

Phillip still needs sponsors too, so if you would like to support his beard, you can do so here.

Only four days left and one more beard to highlight.... my very own DJ. I'm a little biased but since he's my favorite, I saved him for last. Check back next Wednesday for his BOTW post!

Happy Thanksgiving, ya'll.

with love, 
the hofs

Sunday, November 24, 2013

T-Minus 7 Days Until The End Of ABFAB!

We are officially a week away from the end of ABFAB and we cannot even believe it. What a whirlwind the past 6 months have been. We have had so much fun, been connected to so many wonderful people and have seen the Lord provide in ways that so far exceed what we could have hoped or imagined. In the past 6 months, He has raised nearly $24,000 for our adoption and we have just about $1,000 left to go until we are fully funded. What?! That's crazy talk, and yet it's true. Praise be to God for all that He has done!

And so, in honor of having just 7 days left and $1,000 to go, here are 5 great ways that you can get in on the ABFAB fun and help us meet our goal:
  1. Sponsor a Beard Grower! Take a look at our bearded men here and support your favorite one!
  2. Buy a t-shirt! We have plenty left, and PS: they're super comfy. 
  3. Buy a beard comb! They are $10 and oh so handy. We have these available upon request.
  4. Consider donating American Airline miles to our fund as we will be required to take two trips to Korea.
  5. Last but not least, please come to our ABFAB bash on December 6th! We will be celebrating the end of ABFAB and our son Moses' first birthday with coffee and live music by some pretty great folks. There is no entry fee, but we will be accepting donations towards our adoption fund. Details are here: 

That's all for now! Know that we love you and have been so blessed by your interest and participation in this little adoption story of ours.

See ya'll on the 6th!

with love,
the hofs