Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Calling All Men!


Most of you know that DJ and I are in the process of adopting from South Korea. And some of you are aware of the fundraising idea that we have been tossing around. Well, we finally got some traction and want YOU to be a part of it!

Here's the gist: We want to host a Beard-a-thon. You are all familiar with No Shave November... Well, our hope is that we can get a group of guys together to commit to not shaving between now and No Shave November (June 1-December 1). Each participant will be in charge of growing their beard and gaining supporters who will sponsor their monthly beard growth. The hope is that each Beard Grower would find a minimum of 10 sponsors who are willing to pay $10 per month for them to not shave their beard. You can read the contest rules here.

We want it to be fun and have dreamed up all sorts of incentives and contest ideas to keep you motivated along the way! For example, we will do a monthly poll and whichever Beard Grower gets the most votes will have their picture displayed as our twitter avatar. Things like that. So, it should be a lot of fun and we hope it's something that you are excited about!

All that to say, we need your help! Here are some ways you can be involved:
  • Register to be a Beard Grower. If you want to be a Beard Grower, you can sign up here. All contestants need to registered by May 30, which means we've got two weeks to get our bearded men collected. Also, tell your friends! The more beards, the better.
  • Sponsor a Beard Grower. Don't want to grow a beard yourself? Consider sponsoring someone who does. We are asking for sponsors to pay $10 for every month that their Beard Grower competes. If they grow from June to December, that's $60.
  • Advocate for us! Whether you become a Beard Grower or not, help  get the word out about our fundraiser by telling your friends, family, etc. Take advantage of social media and invite others to join in on the fun! While we want Beard Growers to have monthly sponsors, we will also gladly accept one time donations. So, tell others!
  • Be  invested. This is a funny event for a serious cause. We might ask some of you to write a blog or two about why you are growing. This is an opportunity to not just get people invested in your beard growth, but to also learn about gospel-centered adoption, hear our hearts and learn about our cause.
  • Pray. While this is a fun idea that we hope will gain traction and bring in some funds, we recognize that all money belongs to the Lord and we are asking Him to provide abundantly. We believe He has called us to adoption and trust He will bring the funds to do so. Let's ask Him to provide and watch Him work!
We look forward to your feedback and hope you will participate in some form or fashion!

Cheers to beards!
DJ and Courtney Hofmann

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