Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Beard Of The Week | Jordan McClinton

It's Wednesday, and ya'll know what that means! It's BOTW day! DJ and I are super excited to introduce you guys to this week's Beard...


Jordan lives in Katy, TX. He loves spending time with his family (more on them below!), playing music, traveling, and spending time outdoors. He is a project manager by day and a Worship Pastor for The Waters Church by calling.  

DJ has known Jordan for years. It's a pretty cool story actually. When DJ was sixteen, he had some friends that constantly invited him to go to Youth Group with them. DJ really wasn't interested, but was getting tired of turning his friends down week after week. Enter in DJ's friend, Trey. Not only did Trey invite him to go (again), but he was also in the worship band. Let's be honest: the biggest selling point for DJ had nothing to do with God, but moreso that he wanted to check out the band.  And so, he finally caved and went. That night, DJ heard the gospel for the first time. He believed in Jesus and has been walking with Him ever since. Like I said.... a pretty great story.

So how does Jordan fit in with all this? He was the lead singer/worship leader of the band that played that night. Several years later, he married Trey's sister and since DJ and Trey had remained friends, DJ and Jordan were able to casually keep in touch. Trey and Jordan's family go to the State Fair every year so we've met up with them a few times over the years and had a grand ole' time. For fun's sake, here are some old school pictures of the three boys at the fair in years past:

Guys, it has been awesome having Jordan growing for us. This guy has not only gone above and beyond, but he's had a blast doing it. He got his first ten sponsors pretty much immediately and hasn't slowed down. We even got a one time donation on his behalf just today! Four months in and still going strong. He won our June incentive and is now a proud owner of the Austin Street Apothecary Beard Tonic we gave out as a prize. And not only is he awesome, but his wife, Angela, is too. These two are a team who have a blast gaining ABFAB sponsors together. They post things like this on the internet and bring in lots of adoption funds because of it!

It's not just Jordan and Angela either, but the whole family is having fun with ABFAB! They are parents to three beautiful girls, Avery, Kate and Reese. Here are a few family photos of them having a little fun with the finger mustaches that we sent: 

Annnnd, in case you wanted to hear more about their greatness, we were pleasantly surprised this week when we got an ABFAB pen and magnet in the mail. These guys designed and purchased pens and magnets to send to their sponsors as a way to say thank you as well as to give them a tangible reminder to pray. Hello.... amazing, I tell ya!

It doesn't stop there, ya'll. It only gets better. Growing his beard out for us and winning the beard tonic opened Jordan's eyes to the world of bearding, so he and a buddy just started their own business called Grizzly Brand. Please go check it out, folks. They are selling beard tonic, mustache wax, t-shirts and beanies and it's pretty great stuff. Jordan has graciously offered to give 10% of their sales from ABFAB fans to our adoption fund. If you purchase an item from them, just be sure to make a note on the final sale that you are with ABFAB and 10% of the proceeds will come our way. You'll be helping to bring our boy home and getting some cool beard & mustache products all at the same time.  Talk about killing two beards with one stone... eh? Okay, bad joke, I know. I don't want any of our beards killed.
Jordan, know that we are so grateful for you! Thank you for all you have done to help bring our baby boy home and for having fun in the process. Your joy in this makes it all the more fun for us and we thank God for how he is using you and the rest of our Beards in this little adoption journey of ours. 

Stay bearded,
the hofs

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