Monday, September 2, 2013

August Recap

Hello there beard fans! We just finished out the month of August and wanted to share some highlights from this past month. The simple version is bulleted out below, but you can read our newsletter for more details!

  • We received our referral for a beautiful, happy, healthy baby boy! We are now one step closer to bringing this sweet little one into our family. Praise the Lord!
  • The Growth Tracker has been updated. Check out their sweet growth here. You will notice that some of the beards have shrunk. This is either due to A) an accidental trimming incident, B) their humility in wanting to let others pass them by,  C) the work force made them, or D) their uber talented beards have the ability to grow backwards. We'll let you decide.
  • We added a new Beard to the team... Phillip Bleecker! Phillip and his wife, Carissa, are also on the adoption journey and have started a Pie Of The Month Club to raise money for their adoption. If you want a pie, let us know and we'll connect you with him!
  • Between Beard Growers, Sponsors, T-Shirt buyers and One Time Donors, the Lord has burdened over 225 hearts to participate in this little journey of ours. We cannot even describe how awesome it is to see our family, friends, church and community rally behind us in our adoption. 
  • T-Shirt sales brought in $778.54. Holla!
  • Total funds raised by the end of August (including t-shirt sales) is $16,429.83. Double holla! 
  • The three beards who brought in the most funds for the month of August won an engraved "A Beard For A Baby" beard comb. Congratulations to our winners Brady Goodwin, Michael Head, and Steven Pirtle!!
  • Septembers incentive is now in full swing. The Beard Grower who raises the most funds this month will win this amazing Beard Pillow. Come on, boys! Who wants it?  

As always, we thank the Lord for you.  We could not do this without your help. Thank you! We love you!!

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