Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Beard Of The Week | Luke Baublet

Hey folks! It's that time again and this week's BOTW guy is Luke Baublet!

DJ and I have known Luke and Amanda Baublet for nearly six years. I first met them because they served in Kids' Village when I came on staff at The Village and oh, what faithful volunteers they were. They have since transferred over to the Missions ministry and are enrolled in our church's Sending Program as they prepare to go and serve Jesus by planting churches and making disciples in Berlin. Luke and Amanda love Christ and His bride and are humble, mission-minded people. The Lord has taught us so much through them.... that though they are in the throws of raising their own funds to go do missions, they would also become involved in our fundraiser and ask people to give to our cause too. Through them we learned what it looks like to be open handed with your money; when you trust that the Lord is going to provide for you, you are freed up to be open handed with the money He has given you. #convicting. We are thankful for the ways the Lord has both encouraged and challenged us through the Baublets.

Luke loves beards. He wrote about His involvement in our fundraiser here and his heart for beards, babies, and adoption shines through. It's well worth your read. Additionally, you can learn more about the Baublets heart for Berlin here. To be a part of what God is doing in Berlin, you can partner with Luke and Amanda through prayer and giving. Go, go, go!

And just for the record, Amanda loves beards too. She even makes bread beards for crying out loud. Bread. Beards. Babies. Life is good.

Stay bearded,
The Hofmanns

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