Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Beard Of The Week | Jesse McKee

Happy Wednesday! It's Beard of The Week day and this week's Beard is Jesse McKee!

DJ and I have been friends with Jesse for several years. We first met on staff at The Village because Jesse is the Video Producer for our church. He lives here in Lewisville, has been married to his pretty wife, Stephanie, for 3 years, and they just welcomed their first (precious) child, Henry Spencer, into the world back in April. Jesse and Stephanie became our close friends in 2010 when we were all in Home Group together. Our group experienced mountains and valleys together and through that season we all became like family. What stands out most from that season is that they walked with us through our miscarriages, listened to our cries, and brought us root beer floats to cheer us up like true members of the body of Christ do. We are truly grateful for the McKees and the role they have played in our life.

Jesse is creative and has a dry, witty sense of humor that leaves you both shocked and dying of laughter. He once cat-sat for us and his imitations of Marmalade that followed were pretty hysterical. But above all that, he really loves people so well. He sees their heart and is mindful of them in ways that most people generally overlook. We always joke that one day he should be a Care Pastor because he is more pastoral in nature than he gives himself credit for. He likes (and is really good at) woodworking, photography, videographing, cornhole, and climbing things. He enjoys a bit of facial scruff and was eager for the opportunity to grow his beard alongside all the other men in this crazy, awesome, ridiculous fundraiser. Overall, he's pretty great. We love him and you should too!

You can check out Jesse's awesomeness here. And, he still needs more sponsors! So show him some love by sponsoring him here. His beard won't disappoint you, guys. I promise.

Stay bearded,

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