Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Beard Of The Week | Ryan Jarrell

Happy Wednesday, ya'll!

It is our joy to introduce you to this week's Beard Of The Week.... Ryan Jarrell!

We know Ryan because we have worked with him for the past couple of years. He came on staff in 2010 as a Graphic Designer for The Village Church Communications Department and his mad design skills are what led him to our team in the first place! We first started talking with Ryan about ABFAB back in May. We were looking for someone to deign a logo for us and he gladly accepted the challenge.... and did a fantastic job at that! We absolutely loved his work and were excited to use it to brand our fundraiser. See for yourself.... Mad skills, we tell ya!

Following those conversations, Ryan decided to come on board as a Grower and we couldn't have been more excited. He always sports a beard anyway and he was happy to put it to good use... as were we! Ryan is awesome and so is his beard. Show him some love by sponsoring him or making a one time donation on his behalf. His beard won't disappoint, ya'll. I promise.

Additionally, please consider buying one of our t-shirts! Shirts are $20 ($25 for shipping) and proceeds will go towards our adoption fees. Not only is this a way to brag on Ryan and show off his work, but it's also a great way to advertise and help spread the word about our fundraiser (and adoption in general). They're soft and comfy and will make your heart happy. Do it!

Until next time,
The Hofs

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