Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Beard Of The Week | Luke Damoff

We've been a little behind on the Beard Of The Week posts lately, but you guys can all get up off the edge of your seats because it's finally here. We are oh so happy to introduce you to this weeks Beard.... Luke Damoff!

DJ and I have known Luke for several years now. We first met him because we worked with his beautiful (and precious and wise and godly) wife, Sarah, at The Village. She has been a great friend to me and her friendship is one of a kind. So is her husband and so is her marriage. We have really learned a lot from the Damoffs and love them so much! They have given us advice on parenting and finances and faith and have been a source of wisdom and encouragement to us over the years.

So, as you can imagine, Luke is pretty great. He is intelligent and fun and quirky and loves the Lord and is a great husband and father. He is mature and wise beyond his years and DJ and I really respect the way he loves and leads his family.  He knows and loves the Word of God and we like to hear his perspectives on theology and philosphy and life. And, he can grow a pretty mean beard.

On top of all that, Luke has a heart for missions and adoption and lives his life according to firm, biblical conviction. In fact, earlier this year, Luke and Sarah had a birthday party for their daughter Naomi, who was turning 2. Rather than buying her gifts, Luke and Sarah requested that everyone bring a monetary donation that would go towards our adoption. DJ and I were so humbled and blessed by their generosity and were blown away by the Lord's faithful provision when $600 dollars was raised on our behalf at this sweet little girls birthday party. Guys, for an American couple to forgo trinkets and stuff for their child and to request money for someone else is a rare and beautiful thing. We had no words to express our gratitude and were overjoyed at the Lord's provision through them.

Luke was also one of our first Beard Growers to sign up! His registration came as such an encouragement to me in a time when I was questioning if this was a lame fundraiser that would fail miserably and that everyone would laugh at. But Luke was excited and his excitement gave us hope to move forward!  Not only did he want to be involved as a Beard Grower, but he firmly believes that growing a beard and being a father are manly activities worthy of pursuit.  He wrote about his desire to participate in our fundraiser here, so check it out and consider sponsoring him here. Do it, ya'll! You won't regret it. His beard and our baby are great rewards in return for your donation, I promise.

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