Thursday, August 1, 2013

July Recap

Well, friends... we just wrapped up the month of July and are happy to announce a few little updates for ya:
  • Total amount raised to date: $14,097.95. Seriously?! We can't even believe it. Praise the Lord!
  • The Beard Grower with the most votes for July was {drum roll please}.... DJ Hofmann! He doesn't get a prize, because well... his prize is a baby and it really doesn't get much better than that. On that note, we have decided to take down the voters poll. It wasn't gaining much traction so we'll think of other fun ways to keep you folks involved in all the bearded fun. Ideas are welcome!
  • The total amount raised in July was $3171.28 and the three Beard Growers who raised the most funds in that month were Jordan McClinton ($376.98), Mason Huemmer ($257.96) and Matt Tonne ($241.93). These boys each win a bottle of Beard Tonic from Austin Street Apothecary. Congrats, men! Thanks for all your hard work.
  • August Incentive: The 3 Beard Growers with the most sponsors will win a personalized beard comb! Help a brotha out by sponsoring them today. Come on, boys! Let's get that competition going strong.
  • The Growth Tracker is now up! Be sure to check it out... you won't be disappointed. The beards are getting huge and oh how the mustaches are a'curlin.
  • DJ's sister, Amanda, made some fantastic Beard Kits for our guys. Each guy received a packet of goodies to help in their fundraising efforts as well as some cute little things like stickers and fake mustache tattoos. That's right. Check out Beard Grower, Casey Beaver, and his new daughter, Zoey. He definitely put a little mustache tattoo on her and I'm pretty sure you should support him because of it. Check it out... like daughter, like father!

  • Don't forget to buy your t-shirt! Only 8 days left until we place the order!
We love you guys. Happy August!
the Hofs

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