Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Beard Of The Week | Asher Pirtle

It is our absolute joy and privilege to introduce you to this weeks Beard Of The Week boy....


A baby beard, you say? Why yes, of course! This is A BEARD FOR A BABY after all, so we can't discriminate against even the littlest of beards. But lest you think he is disqualified for his lack of facial hair, let us take a moment to correct you.... Because the truth is, Asher can grow a better beard than most. See for yourselves, yo.

Exhibit A: The Sharpie Beard. Shirtless and on the pot. He's a real man's man, I tell ya.

Exhibit B: The Bubble Beard. For the record, I am just now noticing a trend: Asher seemingly never wears clothes for his pictures. Other Beard Growers, you absolutely may not attempt this.
 Still questioning Asher's ability to grow a beard? We didn't think so. His is one of the best!
Sadly, we have never met Asher personally, but he and his family are members of our church family down at the Dallas Campus. In fact, Asher and his dad are doing this gig together so from what we can tell, they are both pretty great guys and it has been a joy to have them along for the ride. They are friends of friends and we have heard nothing but amazing things about this duo.  From the pictures alone, we can tell that Asher is one cool kid, and props to his parents for helping him grow the most creative of beards. DJ and I always love the end of the month because we can't wait to see what Asher's beard will look like next! Only three days left until the next big reveal. Get excited, ya'll.

Fun Fact: Asher's birthday is tomorrow and he is turning two! Want to show him some birthday love? Click here to sponsor his beard and help bring our baby home.... you'll essentially be giving Asher a new BFF, which is one of the greatest gifts money can by. Right? 

Stay bearded, folks. 
the hofs

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