Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Beards Of The Week | Daniel Gaston, Larry Hehn & Mark Hoffmann

Hey ya'll! It's Beard Of The Week Wednesday and we're posting this blog from the beautiful land of Robbers Cave State Park! We are cabining with some friends, but no matter how far from home we are, our Beards are always on our minds. And so, it is my pleasure to introduce you to this week's Beards... Daniel Gaston, Larry Hehn, and Mark Hoffmann!

Daniel is our newest Beard Grower, having just joined the team last week! I got an email from him in the middle of the night expressing such eager interest in being a Beard Grower and we were thrilled to invite him on board.  Really guys, it's never too late to grow a beard for us and though Daniel's only in for the final month, he has both National Adoption Month and No Shave November in his favor.... and he's working hard too! He had his first sponsor in like 5 minutes, ya'll. 

We really don't know Daniel that well at all. In fact, we only know of him because we are friends with his sister and brother in law, Caitlin and Clint Crawford. I have worked with Clint for the past 6 years and Caitlin was the one who so generously donated the Beard Tonic incentive from her shop, Austin Street Apothecary, back in July. Clint and Caitlin are pretty great and I can only assume Daniel is too. He is super excited about ABFAB and eager to help us out, and we love him for that! Welcome to the team, Daniel!

Daniel still needs sponsors! You can support his beard here.

Larry Hehn is the Beard Grower who made made ABFAB international! A born and bred Canadian, Larry first found out about us via Bearded Gospel Men. He signed up and has been an eager participant since. Though we don't know him, we love him. We have gotten to exchange several emails with him and have been able to encourage one another in truth and pray for each others' families. Such a sweet little ministry ABFAB has turned out to be!

From the start, we asked our guys to send in bios and to tell us why they wanted to grow a beard for our family. Here is what Larry had to share:

Larry Hehn is an elder at Bramalea Alliance Church in Brampton, Ontario, Canada.
He has worked in production and inventory management for decades - buying, counting, manufacturing and moving all kinds of stuff - but his true passion is writing. He blogs at Christian in the Rough. He has been married to Monique, a truly awesome lady, for the past 23 years, and they’ve been blessed with 4 children.

Larry sees this Beard-A-Thon as a really good reason to do something he’s always wanted to try but never got around to – seeing just how long he can grow his beard. He is honored to be part of this worthy cause, and to help it become an international event. Larry is very pleased that something as simple as growing a beard can help bring a young family together.

Although he doesn’t usually refer to himself in the third person, he had an absolute blast writing this bio, and wishes DJ and Courtney all the best in their adoption quest!

We love you, Larry! Thanks for all your are doing to help bring Moses home.

Larry in still in need of some sponsors as well. Help him out by supporting his beard here

Mark Hoffmann! DJ and I love Mark! We have worked with him the past several years as he is one of the Middle School Ministers at the The Village Church Flower Mound Campus. Mark is brilliant- he loves the Lord and is a studier of His Word. We could talk to him for days and be both amazed and educated by all that he has to say concerning the things of God. He is 26 years old, yet walks in much wisdom. We don't hang out a ton, but DJ and I have both been blessed by the few serious interactions we've had with him and know that our church staff, body and Student Ministry are blessed by his pastoral presence.

Not only that, but Mark is pretty dang hilarious. We just spent last week with him at our annual Staff Retreat and he emcee'd our lunch time festivities. Talk about cracking up. This guy had the whole staff (all 150 of us) rolling in laughter. Also, if you ever need someone to host your Spelling Bee, Mark is your man. He might botch the word and give an incorrect sentences to define it, but you're sure to have a dang good time. 

Mark still needs sponsors, too! If you want to support his beard, you can do so here

That's all for today, folks! 
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  1. LOL, I forgot about writing that bio. I'm honored to be part of ABFAB, and to be included in such fine company. I appreciate your prayers and keep you in mine as well. Can't wait until Moses comes home! Blessings!