Friday, November 1, 2013

October Recap

Hey there Beard lovers!

We just wanted to send a little recap your way to summarize all that the Lord has done in October! You can read more in the newsletter we just sent out, but below is a simplified version:

  • October brought in $3,100 with the total amount raised so far being $22,300. Guys, we can't even believe it. When we first started this fundraiser, we were hoping it would make $6,000. The Lord has nearly quadrupled that!!
  • We only have $1838 left to go until we meet our total goal. What?!! Crazy. And also, super doable. That comes out to roughly $60 per day. Which is the same things as one sponsorship a day for the rest of the fundraiser. Looking for someone to sponsor? Head on over to our Growth Tracker and pick your favorite bearded fella! Sponsorships can be made here.
  • Speaking of the Growth Tracker, it hasn't been updated yet. We are still waiting on a few new pictures,  but we'll get it up for ya soon. Check back in the next few days to see those oh so glorious beards.
  • Luke Damoff won the October prize.... a personalized Lil' Beard handmade by fellow Beard Grower, Philip Hatter! Way to go, Luke! You are going to enjoy that Lil Beard for forever. 
  • Beauty For A Baby was a huge success as well. You can read more about it here
  • November's prize is a personalized toiletry bag for men. There is only 30 days left until they can shave and I am sure they are counting down the minutes. It won't be long before they pull out those dusty ole' shaving supplies and they'll need somewhere trendy to keep them when they do. Enter in this awesome bag. Hello! Help your favorite Beard Grower win! 

That about sums it up for now! We just wanted to share the highlights with you and rejoice in all that the Lord has done. Thank you guys for all that you are doing to help give Moses a family and a home.

With love,

the hofs

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