Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Beards Of The Week | Roy Smith, Mason Huemmer & Scott Allen

Hey, hey.... it's Wednesday! We have just 2.5 weeks left of this gig and 8 bearded fellas still to highlight. For this week, we are stoked to introduce you to.... Roy Smith, Mason Huemmer and Scott Allen!

Roy Smith.... such a fun dude to have on our team. We have never met him, but he works with DJ's sister, Amanda, which is how he got word of ABFAB back in June. Roy lives in Pearland, TX and works for Adcetera Marketing and Advertising Firm. When asked why he wanted to grow a beard to grow our family, Roy jokingly said that Amanda would break both of his arms if he didn't! But on a more serious note, Roy believes that every child needs the opportunity to be loved and nurtured and he recognizes that not every child gets that opportunity. He was eager to help give a child a family and a home and we were thrilled to have him on board. Every picture he sent in was as fun as the one above and like the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words"... Roy's pictures spoke of fun, spunk and pure awesomeness. He had to quit ABFAB a few months back but he was faithful to recruit sponsors and was still a huge part of our journey to bringing Moses home. We are thankful to have Roy be a part of our story!

Mason Huemmer!! We know Mason from church. DJ first met him through the Missions Department at The Village and more recently I have gotten to know him a little bit because I work with his wonderful, beautiful, and really fun fiance, the lovely Melissa Ball. We don't know Mason super well, but you just can't help but be drawn to him. He's a lovable guy with a kind and respectful disposition. Not only that, but he has been such an avid Beard Grower. He got a bunch of sponsors in super early and even won June's prize! He was pleasantly surprised when we gave him a bottle of beard tonic, because he was expecting a beard tunic, which PS: would have been a totally weird prize to give out. Nevertheless, he worked hard to help raise our Moses Money and we are eternally grateful for all of his help.

Here's another fun story about Mason, and one that made me gain a lot of respect for him. Back in September, he made plans to propose to Melissa. Not wanting to have a grungy beard in the engagement pictures that they would cherish forever, Mason not only trimmed, but went above and beyond by contacting all of his sponsors ahead of time to see if they would still continue sponsoring him post-trim. They were all so eager to agree. He trimmed for that day, their pictures turned out great, and he's been growing back it out every since! 

More recently, Mason was super excited to be reminded that the fundraiser does in fact end on December 1st.  He thought it ended on the 31st and the look on his face when he realized he had one less month to go was priceless! Mason isn't the only guy tired of growing, so encourage him to grow on by sponsoring him! He only needs two more sponsors. Would you consider supporting him?


Last but certainly not least is Scott Allen! DJ and I have worked and been friends with Scott for 6 years. He is the Technology Systems Administrator at The Village, otherwise known as the office hero who comes to save the day when printers jam and computers break and technology makes me want to pull my hair out. Yes, he is that guy who knows and understands the world of computers, pulls all-nighters to fix servers, and basically makes our world keep going. 

But, more than a co-worker, Scott is our friend and another adoptive parent.... and one that we look up to at that. Scott and his wife, Amanda (whom I just adore), have 5 children, two of which came into their family via foster adoption. Their family is just beautiful. They were one of the first interracial families that I ever encountered and their heart for orphan ministry bled over into ours. We watched as they adopted their first two children, attended court when it was made official, and understood foster care better because of them. They have a big family, a fun family, and a colorful family and watching the Allen clan has only made me desire much of the same for us.  Scott and Amanda are in the process of adopting their 6th child and I ask that you pray for them as they embark on what can often be a long process filled with ups, downs and uncertainties. 

Scott has been such a fun Beard Grower to have on board. As pictured above, he has donned the friendly mutton chops. He has had fun with ABFAB and allowed his sponsors to vote on the beard style that they wanted him to wear. Friendly Mutton Chops won and lots of hearts were happy when he walked into work sporting that on his face! Another fun story: Me and Scott don't know who did this, but we came into work one day and someone had changed the name plate on his door. It said, and still says to this day:

It doesn't get much better than that, and whoever did this was awesome. Chad Farmer, was it you?!

Scott still needs sponsors too! To support his beard, you can leave a donation here.

That's all for today. Stay bearded, ya'll!

the hofs

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