Sunday, June 30, 2013

June's Recap

Well, guys, the first month of our Beard-A-Thon has come to a close and what a month it has been! Here are some highlights from the month of June:
  • Our Growth Tracker has been updated! Head on over to the Growth Tracker page to see June's Beard Growth.  Asher Pirtle's picture is the Hofmann favorite. Please note that he is on the toilet.
  • The Beard with the most votes was Justin Wendorf! This lucky guy gets his picture as our Twitter avatar for the next month. 
  • We have 31 Beard Growers and each guy is working hard to raise funds for our adoption! What a joy it has been to have them on our team. 
  • A Beard For A Baby is being followed on a global scale! People are logging in from 5 different continents (that we know of) and in 6 short weeks we have had over 16,000 hits. It is beyond crazy to see what the Lord is doing and we pray He is stirring hearts through beards and babies.
  • We have added an Instagram feed to our website! Want to post pictures for our cause? Simple. Just hashtag #abeardforababy on your Instagram photos and watch your pictures appear. 
  • We are still working on t-shirts. Details soon to come!
 Last but not least... the Beard Bank! The Lord has been faithful to provide $10,426.69 through the fundraiser so far (including pledges)! We cannot even believe it and are praising His name for His abundant and faithful provision through you guys.  We still have approximately $14,000 left to raise. If all 31 of our Beard Growers get their 10 sponsors in, we will come close to meeting our goal so please be praying towards that end!

Thank you all for your love + support.
<3 the Hofmanns

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