Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Beard Of The Week | Justin Wendorf

Happy Wednesday!

It is my joy to introduce to you our Beard Of The Week.... Justin "The Beard" Wendorf! Justin lives here in Flower Mound and is a Behavior Intervention Teacher for Lewisville School District. I first met him because he serves in our Children's Ministry at The Village Church. He is a faithful volunteer who loves the Lord, shepherds the hearts of both our kids and volunteers, and goes above and beyond in His service to the church body. He's pretty rad. He is married to his equally rad wife, Elise, and they just had their first daughter, Elliot Jane. There's no denying it... the Wendorfs are really great.

When we first started throwing around the idea for A Beard For A Baby, I was a little nervous. I wasn't sure if it would be something people cared about, or if it would be a big flop. Justin was one of the first guys I talked to about it, and he was in from the start. I'm pretty sure he went home that day and started calling and emailing potential sponsors just because he was that excited. Really, Justin is a huge reason why this fundraiser exists, because without his excitement over it, we might not have had the nerve to launch it!

Justin has done an awesome job at recruiting sponsors, simply by getting the word out online (see below!) and by collecting donations for his birthday. He has been excited from the get-go and said he wants to {keep on} growing his {already ginormous} beard for us because He knows that God is working in our lives through the miracle of adoption.

We're excited to have him growing. Vote for his beard or sponsor him today!


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