Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June's Incentive!

We get it... 6 months is a long time for a fundraiser to last. It's also a long time to let a beard grow. And so, what better way to keep it exciting and engaging than to set up fun incentives and prizes to keep our Beard Growers growing? That said, we are happy to reveal June's incentive! When our Beard Growers get their tenth sponsor, we will be sending them this free shirt, designed by our very own Beard Grower, Ryan Jarrell! Our hope is that in wearing these shirts, our guys would not only look pretty rad, but would also be able to advertise and spread the word about A Beard For A Baby in hopes of gaining more awareness and funding.

So, how can you help? Sponsor a Beard Grower today and help them reach their goal of 10 sponsors! Just a reminder that if you desire to be a monthly sponsor, to go ahead and activate your sponsorship now so that your account will be drafted for the entirety of the fundraiser. It is also an option to make a one time sponsorship payment of $60 (or a one time donation of any amount for that matter), but for those who want to donate at $10 per month, be sure to sign up by the end of June. You can do so here.

Word on the street is that we may be selling these shirts soon too. We'll keep you posted!

Stay bearded,
The Hofmanns

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