Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Beard Bank

DJ and I have been so blown away by the generosity of all those who have been involved in this fundraiser so far. From the men who have signed up to grow beards, to those who have helped us with fun incentives and ideas, and last but not least to the many of you who have given either through one time donations or monthly sponsorships, we simply cannot believe it. Thank you, thank you! We already have 49 people who have signed up to sponsor our Beard Growers and several others who have made one time donations, and our hearts could not be more grateful.

Because so many people are giving so generously, we thought it would be helpful to give an honest account of where things stand on the money front. As I am sure you can imagine, international adoption is very expensive. We want to assure you that we are doing all that we can to put our own money towards the required fees and processes. Thanks to the Lord's generous and unexpected provision, DJ and I started off this journey with $13,000 and are continuing to save as much as we can each month. We redid our budget a few months ago to ensure that we could put as much as possible towards the adoption costs. Additionally, we have applied for one adoption grant so far and plan on applying for several more. If necessary, we will have other fundraisers as well.Through it all, we are praying and trusting the Lord to provide every step of the way.

A Beard For A Baby launched on Saturday and has already brought forth nearly $5000! Every donation that comes in through A Beard For A Baby will be applied to our adoption costs. Here is a run down of where things stand to date:
  • Total anticipated cost (including travel): $41,691.89
  • Total spent thus far: $9,826.89
  • Total Hofmann funds remaining: $7,071.40
  • Total anticipated funds through A Beard For A Baby:  $4,756.44
  • Total amount still needed: $20, 037.17
As you can see, we are half way there! What a huge praise this is and we give all glory and honor to the Lord.

Just a reminder, that if you want to be a monthly sponsor to please sign up this month, that way your account gets drafted for the entirety of the fundraiser. You can do so here.

We love you guys and are beyond grateful for you.

Stay Bearded,
Court + DJ

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