Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Beard of The Week | Matt Tonne

It's Beard Of The Week day! And this week's BOTW guy is (drum roll, please)... Matt Tonne!

DJ and I first knew of Matt because we all attended church together. I am sure at some point we were just acquaintances with mutual friends, but in the past six years we have grown much closer since we now all work together at The Village Church. He lives here in Lewisville and is the Associate Children's Minister at our Flower Mound Campus. He has been married to his wonderful wife, Kristen, for 7 years (their anniversary was this week... holla!) and they have three beautiful children: Katie, almost 4, and twins Becker and Rebecca, aged 15 months.  Let's face it... the Tonne's rock and all five of them were in support of facial hair before A Beard For A Baby was even a thing.

Matt loves the Lord and is marked by humility, wisdom and patience (he works with a staff of all women for goodness sakes and yet somehow he puts up with all our emotions and craziness on a never ending basis). He loves and shepherds the children, families and volunteers of our ministry and is a great asset to our church body. He likes You Tube videos, internet memes, and is pretty consistently rocking out to the most recent pop hits while cranking out Children's curriculum from his office. He speaks in moderate language and has a bandwidth that is unreal. 
When asked why he wants to participate in our fundraiser he said, "I'm supporting A Beard For A Baby for a number of reasons. I love adoption and think it's a beautiful picture of the gospel. I love DJ and Courtney and want them to experience the joys of raising children. Finally, everyone in my family loves my beard... and that's a win."

Matt was one of our first Beard Growers and is already sporting some pretty great growth. Here are some ways that you can support Matt:
  • Help him and Kristen celebrate their 7th anniversary by supporting him here. Okay, I know, that isn't really celebrating their anniversary at all, but it does bless us in honor of their anniversary, which is pretty much the same thing. 
  • Vote for him our our poll! 
  • Sponsor him! When Matt gets his ten sponsors in, he is letting them dictate his beard style. His sponsors get to vote from the below chart called The Beards of Ministry, and let's face it, who wouldn't want to take part in that?! I'm pretty sure you guys should make him sport the Anabaptist. Sponsor him today and get your say on his looks for the next 5 months! 

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