Wednesday, October 30, 2013

An ABFAB Halloween

Each year, Adcetera, a marketing agency based in Houston, hosts a pretty amazing pumpkin carving competition. It's always a big deal, with lots of time, effort and creativity going into the contest. They even put up a website,, to show off the goods and provide online voting. It's pretty great stuff and you can and should visit the Pumpkin Gallery to view the past 13 years of creative pumpkining.

DJ's sister, Amanda, not only works for Adcetera, but also happens to be a huge fan and avid supporter of A Beard For A Baby. She has created business cards, post cards, ABFAB stickers and the like for our Beard Growers and even connected us with a vendor to print our t-shirts. Like I said, she's an avid supporter, and ABFAB is what it is in large part because of her. And so, for this year's Adcetera Pumpkin Carving Competition she created an ABFAB themed pumpkin and we would love to invite you into the fun! The pumpkin with the most votes wins cash money and Amanda has graciously offered to donate her winnings to our adoption fund should her pumpkin win. 

We love Amanda's pumpkin theme on so many levels. First and foremost, we love that she is using her creativity to help bring our little pumpkin home. This fundraiser has been full of people using their God given talents to pour into our baby's homecoming and that is such a sweet thing for us to sit back, watch and receive. Second, she is advertising our fundraiser, showing off our Beard Growers, and pointing people to our website. We could always use more sponsors and love her help in widening our audience. Above all, we love the sweet imagery of the baby pumpkin being brought from Korea to Texas in a little basket across the waters.....

Oh, did we not tell you? We have a name for baby Hofmann and as suggested above, his name is Moses! Moses John Hofmann to be exact. This little boy's name is one of the sweetest parts of our adoption story to date and is evidence of the Lord's very present hand in this journey. We would love to tell you more about how He gave us the name so be sure to ask about it some time as we are so, so eager to share it with you.

But back to the pumpkin competition... Want to vote? It's simple! Simply click on the image below and vote for her pumpkin, titled "Adopt-kin Baby Moses". Please vote now and help us get $150 more dollars towards bringing our son home.

Also, just a little warning that some of the pumpkins may or may not be a little racy.... I may have even gasped out loud at one or two :) Such is the world of pop culture and pumpkins. Have fun and thank you for voting!

Happy Halloween,
the hofs

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