Monday, October 21, 2013

Beauty For A Baby Recap

Two weeks ago we had our Beauty For A Baby Fundraiser and it was a blast! We cannot say enough how amazing it has been to see the body of Christ gather around us and offer their time, gifts and talents to help bring our baby boy home. We truly could not do this without the support of others and time and time again we are blown away by the efforts of our friends and community. The bride of Christ is a really beautiful thing.

This fundraiser in particular all started because my friend, Meghan Tabari, who is a hair dresser, had initially thrown out the idea to cut hair in exchange for adoption donations. One idea led to another and before I knew it, it was a full out fundraiser and a really fun and successful one at that! Meghan recruited a couple of girlfriends to help and it turned out into a full on salon day right there in here home! Meghan and Trina Holleman cut hair and Michelle Davis did manicures... They were amazing. I can't even believe it.

As if that wasn't enough, my friends Julie Stephens and Amber Dion also contributed in ways that are so unique to them. Julie is the most phenomenal cook I know so without thinking twice about it, she made Korean food for all the ladies. It was really great... lettuce wraps, kimchi, pot stickers, Korean pears, cinnamon punch and these really amazing Korean almond brittle cookies.... she did it all. Amber, who is super crafty and talented made bows and headbands and set up shop selling Bows For A Baby, which PS, are super cute. She was also our photographer for the day and took the pictures below so check them out!

It was really sweet to have a bunch of girls come to hang out and just be together, all in the name of girliness and adoption. My closest friends were there as well as some ladies that I love, but just haven't seen in a while. The fact that they would give up their Saturday to come hang out and help bring our boy home was really sweet to me. And, several of the women who came have adopted themselves so it was encouraging to talk with them, hear their stories and glean wisdom. I really loved it.

Overall, the day brought in $863 which is incredible and we praise the Lord for His generous provision! Thank you, thank you to everyone who helped and everyone who came out. It was a great success and a ton of fun and it is all because of you.

The lovely ladies who made this day happen! Michelle Davis, Meghan Tabari, Trina Holleman, Julie Stephens and Amber Dion

Michelle, who does an AMAZING job with the gel nails, by the way.

Trina, cutting sweet Kenadi's hair

Yes, Meghan even busted out the wax. Ya'll, I'm not ashamed to post pictures like this online. She was legit and did a great job!

Me and Amy! She drove all the way from Wylie to be there.... and was not the only one who drove more than an hour to come. I feel beyond blessed by that.

Modeling Amber's bows with Meghan's son, Jack.
Jenni, showing off her blue nails.

Some more of the sweet faces who came, Jen and Isla. 

So much love,
the hofs

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