Thursday, October 24, 2013

Beards Of The Week | Anthony Cavallo, Brady Goodwin & Caleb Simpson

Hey guys! It's time for the Beard Of The Week post, and you're in for a treat because this week we are highlighting three of our men! With only 5 weeks left of our fundraiser, we need to start doubling up to make sure all of our men get showcased....lucky you!

This week it is our absolute joy to introduce to you Anthony Cavallo, Brady Goodwin, and Caleb Simpson.  Keep reading to meet these guys, see what they are up to, how they have blessed our adoption journey, and how you can help.

Anthony is one of our original "Stranger Beards".... We do not know him personally, but were delighted to have him sign up to be a Beard Grower when he found out about us from Bearded Gospel Men. He has been such an encouragement to us. His excitement over Beard Growing and participating in ABFAB has been evident from the start. Early on he made it clear that he was working hard to get people excited about and eager to sponsor him in this endeavor and that was a joy for us to witness.

Anthony lives in Berlin, NJ. He is a butcher by trade and has a heart for evangelical and youth ministry, both of which he is involved with at his church. When asked why he wanted to grow a beard for us, he expressed a personal compassion for and understanding of struggling through infertility and was eager to jump on board to support us in our adoption. And of course, as you can tell by his picture, he clearly has a love for beards!

Brady Goodwin is a fellow staff member at The Village Church, though we actually do not know him all that well due to working for different campuses. But.... that doesn't mean we don't love him! We are beyond grateful for the role he is playing in our adoption journey and cannot thank him enough for growing his beard to grow our family.

Brady works as the Recovery Groups Minister for our Dallas Campus and is married to Aimee. He has been awesome and has worked hard to get his sponsors in; He even won our August incentive! He raised so many funds that month that he won himself a fancy little Beard Comb. We are stoked to have Brady on board and love having him be a part of our story.

Caleb Simpson is an old acquaintance from college. Though we did not know each other super well, we had a lot of mutual friends and our paths often crossed. However, after college, we both moved to different cities and I hadn't seen him since. I actually am not too sure how he even found out about ABFAB, but it was so fun for me to see his registration form come through and felt like a blast from the past!

Based on his picture, Caleb is clearly fond of beards. He has even started his own business called Bearded Bros, which sells organic, mostly raw, gluten free, vegan friendly and delicious snack foods. As if that isn't awesome enough, Bearded Bros just launched a new campaign to expand their product line to include seasoned/sprouted nuts and seeds!  You can purchase Bearded Bro's snacks here or help fund their nut and seed endeavor here.

Each of these boys still needs sponsors, so consider supporting their beard today! Doing so will not only make them happy but will help give a precious little boy a home. You can sponsor a Beard here.

Stay bearded,
the hofs

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