Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Beards Of The Week | Gray Wilson, Jayme Andujar & JD Warren

Happy Wednesday, ya'll! We have three BOTW men to highlight again this week and we are more than happy to introduce you guys to {{drum toll, please....}}: Gray Wilson, Jayme Andujar, and JD Warren!

Gray is another one of our Beards that we have never met, though we love him and are excited to have him growing for us! He lives in Marion, VA and is a full time student and part time lifeguard. Gray's aunt and uncle have adopted four children and through them, Gray has learned a lot about the plight of orphans as well as international and domestic adoption. The Lord used this exposure to give Gray a heart for orphans and a desire to help them any way he can. In fact, through researching Eagle Scout Projects, Gray found out about a foundation that provides schools for orphans in Zimbabwe, Africa. Immediately wanting to help, he drafted up a project. However, it was denied due to a rule that requires that physical goods be sent rather than money. As we all know, being a college student has it's financial strains, and Gray was unable to afford the shipping costs associated with the project and therefore had to put his efforts on hold for the time being. However, he then heard about our fundraiser and wanted to help as much as he could. He said that it was easy to grow a beard and was eager to do so for us... and he's done a great job! Gray still needs more sponsors so if you would like to support his beard, you can do so here.

Our relationship with Jayme goes way back. We have worked with Jayme for the past 6 or so years, as he is one of the Custodians at our Flower Mound Campus. Jayme is great, ya'll. He is fun, hilarious, hard working, and quirky, loves his family, and has one of the greatest servant hearts I have ever seen. He works heartily as unto the Lord and always does it with a great attitude. Above all, he loves Jesus and people and I have seen him serve The Village Church in a number of capacities. He is a great blessing to this place.

Here is what Jayme said when we asked him why he would want to grow his beard for us:

I have a deep appreciation for The Hofmanns. Personally, having watched them grow through the miscarriages burdened my heart with a deeper joy in The Lord that is rooted in the hope of God's everlasting love for us. Believing they have ascertained the blessing of that love through His Holy Spirit, adding a child to their home would continue to refine them in God's Love for each other, the baby, and everyone they come in contact with. If my beard can help, then let's do this!

Jayme still needs sponsors so if you would like to support his beard, you can do so here.

JD Warren is one of our "Stranger Beards" though he is actually not too far away from us. He lives right down the road in Ft. Worth, TX and come to find out, we even have some mutual friends! Sadly, we do not know too much about JD, but we are grateful for him and thank the Lord for using him to help bring our little boy home. And, we always get a kick out of the fun pictures he sends in and are so glad to have him on our team. JD still needs sponsors so if you would like to support his beard, you can do so here.

We love our Beards and hope you do too!

Have a happy Wednesday ya'll. 

with love,
the hofs

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